This website now has yet another feature: a blog. I will probably write about coding. In fact, I'll start doing so right now. Programming is, essentially, just telling a computer what to do. There are many human languages for humans, and there are many programming languages for computers. Most languages try to be useful in some way; they can be fast, extensible, cross-platform, and so on. Most, but not all. There is a class of programming languages that's almost nothing like the rest. Sure, you can still tell them to tell a computer what to do, but you have to make them do it in a roundabout way. These languages are called esolangs, and they are to normal languages as anagrams are to words. Here are equivalent programs: one in Python, a normal, decent programming language, and one in Malbolge, an esolang with a name from Dante's Inferno:

print("Hello World!")

Malbolge is a rather extreme case; most esolangs are less obfuscated, but many aren't much better. If esolangs interest you, you can find many more of them at (which contains a fair amount of vulgarity, given that perhaps the most famous esolang contains profanity in its name). If not, then there are plenty of other things you could look at.

Post #1 • June 29, 2021 at 6:54 AM

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