Multiplayer Snake

This game was made with JQuery, NodeJS and Multiple people can play it.


A typical Pacman game where the ghosts mainly ignore you.


Made with Python, OpenGL, and Pygame, this is a 3D game of Pong. The computer cannot be beaten.


Made with JavaScript, this is a 2D game of Pong. You can play it in your browser (if you have JavaScript enabled).

Space Invaders Online

This version of Space Invaders was made using JavaScript. Don't shoot your shields!

Python Space Invaders

I made this game with Python and Pygame. Still don't shoot your shields!


Also made with Python and Pygame. Finish the level by jumping out of the world.

Text Adventure

A text adventure made using Python and Replit. It is currently very short.



A LISP-like language implemented in Python and Pygame. Stands for GUI Processing, although it really isn't very good for making GUIS.

Esolangs on GitHub

This is a collection of my implementations of esolangs (esoteric programming languages) on Github, excluding GUIP and a few others.

Esolangs Online

This is a collection of some of my JavaScript implementations of esolangs (esoteric programming languages), right on this website.


You might not know it, but you're looking at it right now!


PsdwBot is a Discord bot written by me.


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