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Most Wordle variations use only one set of possible correct words: this is normally a language's entire dictionary, or a set of related words with a common theme. Sordle, however, lets you choose your own set of words. Such a set is called a custom set.

Creating a custom set

Each custom set must be a plain-text webpage. By this, I mean that no HTML can be used; if you do not know what HTML is, then you probably do not have to worry about this.

MasonMacKinnon.Com is not a file hosting website, so only official sets are stored here. However, any website which allows you to upload plain text (such as Pastebin) can be used to host a custom set. (Note that if you use Pastebin, you will have to click the "raw" button near the centre of the page once you upload the paste).

An example set hosted on this website can be viewed here; note that it contains a list of words separated by a semicolon, and nothing else.


A set must be a list of words separated by a word separator, with no other content at all.

For example, if the separator is set to ;, then this would be a valid page for use as a set:


whereas these ones would all be invalid:





The first two lists contain extra content, the third does not use the given separator (it uses a space instead of a semicolon), and the fourth uses a six-letter word. None of them would work correctly.

Using a custom set

On the Sordle page, there are two textboxes directly above the main grid: one for the set's URL and one for the word separator. The given URL must point to a page containing only a list of five-letter words separated by the word separator, as in the example set given above.

Sharing a custom set

When using a set, the address bar contains the set's URL and word separator. To share a custom set, you can simply copy the (full) URL of the Sordle page. For example, the URL pointed to by this link could be used for sharing.


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